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2017 Workplace Trends Report: Measuring Up to Compete for Talent

The world of work is changing. Sweeping global forces and technological advancements continue to reshape how companies do business. With unemployment rates remaining low and competition for top talent growing increasingly fierce, companies need to understand which factors are impacting efforts to attract and retain the talent necessary for business success.

Nelson developed our Workplace Trends Survey to assess the trends influencing business outcomes for employers throughout California. We invited more than 500 business leaders from across the state to share their perspectives and experiences, building a unique, comprehensive snapshot of current workplace trends. Key insights from the survey are summarized in Nelson’s 2017 Workplace Trends Report, which presents crucial information designed to help your company capitalize on trends and dive into the challenging 2017 talent market with winning workforce strategies. Our full Workplace Trends Report is featured in our annual Advisor & Salary Guide,

Here are a few examples of the key insights provided in our 2017 Workplace Trends Report:

  1. The top three business challenges identified were talent acquisition, talent retention, and operating cost management.
  2. More than 70% of companies surveyed reported offering some type of flexible work arrangement for employees.
  3. 70% of California companies increased headcount in 2016.
  4. More than 1/3 of companies promote work/life balance in their recruitment materials.
  5. Over 60% of companies report being willing to pay more than budget to attract top talent.

Nelson 2017 Advisor Highlights

To see the full results of Nelson’s 2017 Workplace Trends Report, request your copy of our Advisor & Salary Guide.